Buy or lease? We'll help you decide!

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When it comes to financing a new Ford, you have two options: buying or leasing. We'll describe the ideal leaser and the ideal buyer, so you can see which one sounds most like you!

The Ideal Lease Shopper

A person who likes to lease is someone who likes to stay up to date on technology and looks. Just like how they enjoy getting a new cell phone on a regular basis, they also can get bored of their car's looks and features easily. With a lease, they are able to get into a brand-new vehicle every few years.

Lease shoppers also like the monthly payment that is significantly lower than if they were to buy. This is great for people who on a budget or those with more financial flexibility who are eying the top trim levels that are packed with features and premium amenities. Leasers also typically pay less at the service center, because the costlier upkeep services don't usually take place within the first three years of a vehicle's life.

Most importantly, those who lease don’t put a lot of mileage on their vehicle. Because they drive between 10K and 12K miles a year, they're able to get a lease and stay within the mileage restrictions.

The Ideal Car Buyer

Someone who buys a car isn't afraid of commitment. While the leaser needs to stay up to date, they're fine with owning their vehicle for many years, even if some of the technologies start to look less "glitzy and new" and exterior style falls out of trend.

Financially, the higher monthly payment might give them pause, but they're all about the long game and are eager to have no car payment after about five years; that extra money will be going towards other exciting plans or perhaps towards their next car when this one needs to go into retirement.

Buyers also like having the flexibility of being able to customize their car to their hearts desire. This is especially true with models like the Ford F-150 or the Ford Mustang. Simply put, they own it and they can do what they want with it, including passing it down to a child who'll be driving in a few years. Buyers also can drive as much as they want around the Alexandria LA, Leesville, Pineville LA, and Marksville areas we serve, as they have no mileage restrictions.

Which do you relate to most? Even if you aren't 100% sure, come into our dealership this week and we'll help you figure out the financing structure that is the right fit.

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